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====== Cryptogroup Email: Questions, Problems, Solutions ====== ==== Am I correct that I get a free email account at ==== Yes, all Road Warrior subscribers are entitled to a secure email account on the Cryptogroup server. ==== How do I setup my Cryptogroup email account? ==== 1. Login to your account information here: __[[|]]__</font>\\ 2. Click on MAIL/IM.\\ 3. Play the video you find there and follow along with the instructions. Go slowly and remember that you can pause, rewind or replay the video. ==== How does Cryptogroup protect my email? ==== Cryptogroup mail, aside from being on a very secure, encrypted server, etc., strips all of your personal information from your emails. Then everything between you and the far end of our network is encrypted.\\ \\ This protection, however, does not extend all the way to your recipients. If we encrypted the last link to your recipient, they wouldn't be able to read it. (They would see gibberish.) Your email will be coming out of a 'black hole,' but that last link exposes you to some extent.\\ \\ For full email protection, the recipient must cooperate with you in one of two ways:\\ \\ 1. Become a member of our network. This is best, since everything will then stay inside our network and no one will know that you communicated with the other person.\\ \\ 2. Encrypt the email text. To do that, you would use PGP or GnuPG. ==== How do I get PGP or GnuPG? ==== PGP Corp. sells a nice personal encryption program (which comes with support) for under $100. You should also have no trouble finding the free GnuPG software (which does not come with support). Both are easy to operate, after the first few times. One caveat: If you buy the PGP program, make sure you turn off all the extra features. PGP Corp. is trying to sell a “complete email solution.” That's probably not what you want. Turn off all the extras and just use the encryption. ==== How much space is allocated to my Cryptogroup mail account? ==== 1000 MB. ==== Can I setup Cryptogroup email to keep the messages on my computer, rather than your server? ==== You can. Go to TOOLS >> ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Choose "Synchronization & Storage". Then, Uncheck "Keep messages on this computer".

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