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Mobile VPN

The Cryptohippie Mobile VPN system allows you to secure all the data that comes to of from your Android, iPhone or iPad. (See the Anonymous Voice section for secure telephone conversations.)

Below are settings to setup your iPhone, iPad or Android phones to operate over our secure VPN. But first, please understand that our Mobile VPN connections are not as secure as our Road Warrior connections. The iPhone, iPad and Android platforms limit us as to the protocols we can use with them.

So, Mobile VPN includes only 1+ hop (not 2+ as with Road Warrior). However, this is a jurisdictionally aware 1+ hops, and randomly chosen from a number of exit servers. So, all your data will pass through at least two legally and geographically separated jurisdictions.

Here are other factors you should be aware of:

  • Mobile VPN is at least 5% slower than Road Warrior.
  • The authentication from the server to the user and the key agreement protocol are vulnerable to attackers that are active in your data-path.
  • The protocol does not support perfect forward secrecy. Capturing all data could lead to later decryption of the traffic.
  • You can only use it from ONE device on the network (if the network does NAT and shares IPs between the devices). That means that you should be fine on a mobile phone network they use large IP-blocks.) But, only ONE user can connect to a typical Wifi network. The second will not be able to connect. That includes home networks.
  • You cannot use the account on more than one device at the same time. The later device will disconnect the ealier.

Installing on Android

Installing on iPhone/iPad

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