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Table of Contents

Cryptohippie Road Warrior: Questions, Problems, Solutions

Viscosity Issues

What Is Viscosity?

Viscosity is a program that we pay for; it makes installation easier for our users (you).

Why did I receive a registration notice from Viscosity?

A few weeks after installation, the Viscosity connection program will ask you to register. You can find the license information by logging into your account information, here:

You will find a box on the first page that lets you create a license, please copy and paste the data exactly as shown into the Viscosity registration window.

What about Viscosity updates?

There are issues with the current Windows version of the Viscosity connection software.

Please DO NOT update Viscosity if such an update is offered since it will break your system

General Use

The web sites I surf are coming up in German (or Dutch), but I don't read German. What do I do about this?

The sites are coming up in German because that's where they think you are… which is good. And solving this is usually simple:

Look around the sites for a choice to click on a British or American flag. Other times there will be a link. At Google, for example, there is a small link that says “ in English”. On Yahoo, there is a small link that read “”

On the rare occasions where neither of the above apply, you can change the url: Where you see “.de”, change it to .com or .us, then hit enter.

I can't reach Hulu now, or some YouTube videos.

Companies like these are forced to block certain IP addresses behind a “geo-wall.” To allow you to see these sites, we have setup a secondary exit for Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, which are blocking our European exits.

To use this exit, follow these directions precisely:

Using the secondary exit requires you to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser, and to install the FoxyProxy add-on. (Get it by the TOOLS > ADD-ONS menu path.) You cannot use this exit if you run Safari or Explorer.

Once you have FoxyProxy installed, go to this address:

</font> and download the file.

Next, open FoxyProxy options. The menu path for this in Firefox is TOOLS > FOXYPROXY STANDARD > OPTIONS. Right click in the window. A menu will open. Choose IMPORT SETTINGS. Select the 'cryptohippie-proxies.conf' file. Restart Firefox.

—–For Chrome—–
Go to WINDOWS > EXTENSIONS > GET MORE EXTENSIONS > SEARCH FOR FOXYPROXY (extensions must be clicked on the website). Install FoxyProxy Standard. Click the FoxyProxy icon next to the location bar. Select IMPORT on the left. Select the 'cryptohippie-proxies.conf' file.

The 'cryptohippie-proxies.conf' file settings will allow you to reach Hulu, Netfix, YouTube and, without altering your normal use of our VPN.

This does add one more long hop to the system, so these sites will operate slowly, but you will be able to use them.

The anti-correlation used for these few sites will not be as strong as our normal anti-correlation, but it is still quite good. (It will change the IP address every 10 minutes or so, without breaking your sessions.)


If you have any issues with US-based sites, contact us:


That said, there is one change you can make:

If you wish, you can turn off the secondary exit for specific sites. For example, YouTube will be slower with the secondary exit. So, if you don't want the slowdown and don't care about the few videos you can't reach, you can remove YouTube from the secondary exit list.

To do this: TOOLS → FOXYPROXY STANDARD → highlight (do not click) US-EXIT → click PATTERNS > select YouTube Rule > remove check (regular or right-click, depending on your machine).

If you do not see the menu choices shown above, stop, start over and look for -

</font> View Advanced Settings -

</font> . Click to show Advanced and start over.

Do not click US EXIT. Use proxies based on their pre-defined patterns and priorities must remain the default.


Connection Issues

I see two connect options, udp and tcp. Which do I use?

Either one will work, but UDP is slightly faster.

What about Reliable and Fast?

They are actually the same as tcp and udp, mentioned above.

What is Badconn?

That's a special connection type we created for old satellite systems and other very difficult connections. Don't use it unless you really have to.

Should I have all connection types active at the same time?

No, you should use one only.

How do I know if I'm operating/browsing securely? What indications will I have?

If you look at the bottom on the login page, or almost all pages at our site, you'll see your status. Also, if you go to a site that senses your location, such as Google, you'll probably see that they think you're in Germany or the Netherlands (the locations of most of our exit nodes).

If I use a public Wifi service, how does your service help?

When you connect to the wifi service (at a Starbucks, or whatever), then connect to us, all your traffic will be passing through a strongly encrypted connection. The wiretapper next door can't read your traffic. All your surfing exits our network in OUR name, and with OUR contact info. Unless you tell them, no one will know that it comes from you. (Exceptions to the above if the NSA is willing to spend ten million dollars finding you.)

I have both Ethernet and Wifi available, should I use them both?

No. You may use either one, but not both simultaneously.

What browser do you recommend?

Any browser will work just fine with our system, but we recommend the Firefox browser. We also recommend that if you are running Firefox, you go to the TOOLS menu, then choose ADD-ONS, then EXTENSIONS, then search for “noscript”. Install this. It will forbid Java as a default, and allow you to turn it on as required.

You should also get the “Better Privacy” extension for Firefox.

Do I still need a firewall?

Yes, you should have one. But, please do NOT use McAfee or Kaspersky, they are designed not to work with privacy systems.

Should I reject all cookies? Do you filter them out?

We do not filter cookies or in any way filter or modify data streams your computer makes or requests. We do only change the protocol information on the IP-layer.

The thing we suggest is that you set your browser to purge cookies and cache on quit, or that you use private browsing available in modern browsers. The problem with filtering cookies as data travels through our system is twofold:

1.) We could not access the contents of your data streams, even if we wanted. So we cannot change the contents, including cookies.

2.) Filtering out all cookies would drastically reduce usability of websites. Many websites require cookies for session-tracking and authentication.

So, your best choice (in our opinion), is to purge cookies after you leave any site that concerns you, or have them universally deleted every time you close your browser. (Most browsers have a setting for this.)

Will you send me an email when it's time to renew? Will you automatically recharge my card?

No, we won't do either of those things. A few weeks before your account expires, a red RENEW button will appear on your Accounts page:

Do you protect mobile devices?

Yes, please see our Mobile VPN section.

Cryptohippie seems to have a higher yearly cost than many of their competitors.

Right, those competitors operate single-hop proxies, which are MUCH cheaper to operate and FAR less secure.

When one takes more security measures on line, it often comes with a price. The price is convenience. Is it so with your service as well?

Yes. A multi-jurisdictional VPN like ours will definitely slow you down. Usually it’s not that much, but if you live for ever-faster speeds, you’ll have to make a choice.

Will I have to log in every time I visit a frequent site because it no longer can collect cookies?

No. We don’t scan your traffic, so we don’t filter out cookies, etc. We recommend that you set your browser to delete them on closing, but that’s your choice.

Will I be able to view youtube videos with ease?

Mostly. Some have geo-restrictions, and they may be hidden from you. Download speed will also be reduced a bit.

Will Javascript have to be disabled?

That's your choice. We don’t watch your traffic. We recommend the NoScript extension for Firefox.

Do I have to login to Road Warrior every time I connect? The Client ID and password are a lot of numbers.

Yes, you do. We suggest that you have your browser remember the login data; it makes things much simpler.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently accept credit card, SWIFT, US check, money order or cash, Pecunix, Bitcoin, gold or silver coins.

What data do customers have to give you to use your service (name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.)?

For our Road Warrior product no data is mandatory. However, we prefer to have an email address so we can contact you for support.

For some enterprise products we require IDs.

When I browse the Internet, at home or when traveling, do I need to do something to be on secure VPN?

Once you connect to our network and login, you are protected. There is nothing else necessary. You can do everything as you normally do.

You state on your website that the software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers. Does that mean that simultaneous usage of access data is possible and allowed?

Yes. You can install and use RoadWarrior from multiple computers. All connections would then be accounted under your account and traffic being deducted.

However, our Viscosity installation software will only work on one operating system: Mac or Windows or Linux – but not all of them. If you want to use multiple operating systems, you'll have to use our old installation process.

How can I set my browser to remember passwords?

For Safari:

1.) Open Safari
2.) In the menu, click on Safari → Preferences
3.) In the new window, click the “autofill”-tab
4.) Enable “AutoFill web forms: User names and passwords”
5.) Close the preferences window and close Safari.
6.) Reopen Safari. On the first login to our website you
will be asked if you want to store the password.

For Explorer:


For Firefox:


I’m having trouble getting Firefox to remember my Client ID and Password. What should I do?

1.) Go to the preferences/options for Firefox.

2.) Select the “Security Tab”

3.) Make sure that “Remember passwords for sites” is activated/selected.

4.) Click “Exceptions” below “Passwords”. A new window opens: “Passwords for the following sites will not be saved”.

5.) Make sure that “” is not in that list.

6.) Close all preferences and log into our site again.

7.) Firefox will ask you if it should store the password. Answer “Yes”.

8.) Subsequent logins to our site will then work with pre-filled fields.

Does having the browser remember my login credentials affect my security?

No. The Cryptohippie network does not not correlate traffic details with your login details. At worst, someone could use your account without authorization.

Do I include the dashes when I enter the Client ID and password?

Yes, the dashes should always remain in.


Can I reset my password?

Yes, but you can't set it to anything you like. Our system will generate new passwords for you.

And, if you do reset your password, you'll end up with two passwords: One for your account information and another for logging on to the network.

I have a question regarding the 25GB of traffic per month. I am sorry but I do not know how much traffic this represents.

25GB is equivalent to about 7,000 songs or 10 million emails. So, you are not likely to go over the limit.

What happens and how much does it cost if Road Warrior customers exceed the traffic amount of 25 GB?

Most of the time nothing happens because we roll over traffic between accounts. If use is much higher we offer the customer to either pay for over-traffic (1 EU/GB currently) or to shorten their contract accordingly (2 days per GB of over-traffic).

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