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**<font 16px/arial;;#000000;;#ffffff>Cryptogroup File Storage</font> ** We've had clients asking us for data storage for a while, and we're happy to announce that it has now been integrated into all Road Warrior accounts. This system will be available for all Cryptogroup users at no extra cost. It allows you to store 1GB of data on our servers, which you can then access at any time through the VPN. Additional storage will be available, please contact us at for more information. Some important notes on the system: 1.) Sensitive data should be encrypted before you upload it.\\ 2.) We will not backup data from the storage server.\\ 3.) Honor our Terms of Service: No porn or other nasty or illegal files. Here's how we're protecting this storage server: 1.) It is located inside the Cryptohippie network, and no access is permitted from outside.\\ 2.) We use forced SSL encryption for access.\\ 3.) Server hard discs are encrypted.\\ 4.) We use a hardened Linux operating system. Now, to set up the system, you'll first want to log in to your account here: [[|]] Once logged in, you'll see a new tab on your account page named 'File Storage', click on that. Here you will find your Username and Password plus a link to the storage system. Click on this link and then use that information to log into the File Storage system. Here now you'll see an Arrow button that says 'Upload' when hovered over. Click on this and choose whichever file you'd like to put on our server. After doing so, the file will quickly be sent to our server and reside there. You can now also share this file with other Cryptogroup users. Hover over the uploaded file and click on 'Share', you can either send this directly to a person (via email) or click 'Share link' for a link to the file you can distribute as needed. You will need to choose a password for this link, you cannot do so without a password. Once done, send this link (and the password) to whomever you'd like to share it with. There's a little menu on the top-right, in the name of the Master Identity. There, you'll find a help section (with a manual), “logout” and "personal". If you click on “personal” you'll find settings that you can make there (mail, password, etc.), and it also you how much data you have stored. The links at the very top of the page allow you to "sync applications" . This allows you to keep this storage in sync with a folder on your computer. If you use this, the files you put in the folder on your computer will be auto-uploaded to the storage server, and files added to the storage server will be auto-downloaded to your laptop folder.

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