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-To setup your computer: [[http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble.pdf|http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble.pdf]] ​\\ +To setup your computer: [[http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble.pdf|http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble.pdf]] 
 +For Mac: [[http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble.pdf|http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble-mac.pdf]] 
 To setup your Android: [[http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble_android.pdf|http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble_android.pdf]] To setup your Android: [[http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble_android.pdf|http://​​support/​mumble/​mumble_android.pdf]]
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