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Voice Communication Through The Cryptohippie Network

Can I speak anonymously with my friends using Cryptohippie?

Yes, and those comversations will be both encrypted and anonymous. You can speak anonymously via your computer (like Skype, but without the surveillance system) or even via your smart phone.

The system functions more like chat than a telephone, but it is very easy to use, eother on a computer or a smart phone.

What is the difference between encrypted and anonymous?

The two critical factors for secure communications are the content and the context of your communications. Here's what that means:

Content : What is said. The text of an email, for example, or the transcript of a phone conversation. Content can be protected with encryption .

Context : Who communicated with whom, how often, and so on. Context can be proected with an anonymity network.

  • An encrypted conversation can be seen by outsiders, but not understood.
  • The participants in an anonymous conversation cannot be known, but the conversation may be understood.

The Cryptohippie system provides both encryption and anonymity.

Is context really that important?

It is.

If a data thief knows who you talk to, how often, and for what periods of time, he or she can learn a great deal about you, your business, your friends, and so on.You may have heard this talked about in the news recently, under the name of metadata . (Which means “data about data.”)

While the content of a message is obviously useful to a data thief, good metadata – the context of the messages – can be equally important, and often more important. Just knowing about a set of communications can give the data thief all he really needs to know.

How do I use this system?

Follow the instructions below, but first please understand two things:

1. This applies only to calls between you and other Cryptohippie users.

2. We have not yet integrated user accounts. That means that everyone makes up their own names for now. We will integrate everything eventually, but we didn't want to keep you waiting.

Here are the instructions:

To setup your computer:

For Mac:

To setup your Android:

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